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Russian language courses for foreigners online

Novel teaching method!
Learn Russian language in groups online

Real classes available online! What does it mean?

  • Lessons are held in groups of 2-8 students.
  • Lessons take place regularly in accordance with the schedule.
  • Feeling of being physically present in the classroom: no barriers for communication or doing exercises.
  • 1 lesson = 1 Power Point presentation, which includes texts, pictures, audio- and video content.

Modern Learning Platform

Due to our proprietary methodology learning the language online in some respects even excels learning in a traditional classroom.

We use professional platform Zoom Meetings for communication during the lessons.

It is a recognized world leader regarding the quality of the transmitted sound and video.

To integrate the whole learning process, we use Мoodle, a system of distant learning.

There you can see the schedule of your lessons, your home assignments, supplementary materials, along with getting an opportunity to communicate with your teacher and groupmates in a 24/7 format.

Technical Requirements

  • PC (or a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone with Android or iOS software)
  • Web-camera and microphone (the latter is usually built-in a web-camera)
  • Internet channel not less than 2 mbit/s downstream and 512 kbit/s upstream*
*ADSL and 3G mobile are suitable.

Learning Methods Comparison

technical aspects
Online Offline
Travelling time None 1-2 hours on average, which is 8-16 hours per month.
An opportunity to attend a lesson even when on holiday or a business trip Yes No
A possibility to have a lesson being on the way Yes No
A feeling of your teacher and groupmates physical presence Decent (video and sound) Absolute
A possibility to use interactive learning and teaching methods during the lessons Non-limitted Limited
Pairwork and groupwork Yes Yes
A possibility to put people from different countries and speakers of various languages in 1 group Yes No
A possibility to join into the lesson invited teachers, interesting interlocutors or speakers, as well as celebrities Yes Limited

Unique Teaching Method

Our teaching method is especially adapted for holding online lessons and is really effective.

We teach to communicate in the Russian language in different situations. In the process of communication, a student realizes what lexis and grammar has to be used in a certain situation. This methodology is called a communicative method, which enjoys a worldwide recognition

We developed and designed unique Power Point presentations, which are extremely effective in teaching online as they save time during the lessons

Get a presentation sample to E-mail
We developed unique learning materials for the courses we offer on the basis of the best coursebooks on teaching Russian to foreigners.

Learning Methods Comparison

methodological characteristics
Online Offline
Cost saving Yes (all learning materials available electronically) No (need to buy coursebooks)
Time saving Yes (all exercises, activities and answer keys in 1 presentation) No (time is spent to write everything on the board)
Learning materials interactivity and effectiveness High (in each presentation visuals, audio- and video- materials especially selected to go with the topic) Average (many unrelated materials, mainly texts)
Quality of lessons High (presentations are developed under guidance and supervision of an experienced educator with international certificates) Different (depends on teacher's qualification and experience)

Free trial lessons

We offer 1 free lesson for you to evaluate the platform and lessons quality.

Planned free lessons

We schedule the lesson according to your wishes and needs.

Tuition Fee

We provide fees data for 2 months (twice a week regularity) of training to facilitate comparison. Amount to be paid depends on course type and number of lessons to be paid.
Group 5-8 students
16 lessons, 90 min each
Group 2-4 students
16 lessons, 90 min each
Индивидуальные занятия
16 lessons, 90 min each
Main Course $160.00 $280.00 $480.00
Survival Russian $160.00 $240.00 $480.00
Russian Without Accent $160.00 $240.00 $480.00

Planned groups

Course type Start Lessons schedule Group Tuition fee

Active groups

Course type Level Lessons schedule Group Tuition fee

Types of Courses

Main Course

The course is aimed at full language mastery from the level of a complete beginner to the advanced level, which comes close to a native speaker language mastery.

Lessons take place 2-3 times a week, with the duration of 90 minutes.

One level requires 64 lessons, which amounts to 8-12 months of studying depending on the regularity of lessons. The payment is charged every 2 months (which is either for 16 or 24 lessons).

Tuition fee

Индивидуальные занятия Group 2-4 students Group 5-8 students
2 per week, 16 lessons $480.00 $280.00 $160.00

Course levels

You will learn

  • to pronounce Russian sounds, words and phrases
  • read and write in Russian
  • communicate in everyday life situations (getting to know people, family, work and career, weather, etc.)
  • fill in forms with personal data and write season greetings to your friends
    Get a detailed curriculum on e-mail

You will learn to

  • tell about yourself, your work and family, your interests and hobbies, different countries and more
  • ask your interlocutor for the information you need using simple lexis and grammar
  • communicate in everyday life situations (Shopping, at the chemists', ordering food and eating out, etc.)
  • write personal letters
    Get a detailed curriculum on e-mail

You will learn to

  • tell about your past and plans for the future, describe your impressions about something
  • understand a general content of simple books and films, take part in discussions about them and express your opinion
  • communicate in most situations relating to everyday life, your work or studies
  • write business letters

You will learn to

  • speak fast and spontaneously, bring arguments to support your ideas
  • understand news coverages, read journals and magazines, as well as texts with specialised vocabulary
  • talk about culture, politics, economics, art, etc.
  • make messages on different topics

You will learn to

  • talk fast and spontaniously using professional terminology
  • understand Russian classical literature and non-adapted (original) films
  • freely communicate on various topics including professional ones (make scientific reports etc.)

You will learn to

  • write texts of various types and styles
  • understand everything heard or read
  • communicate on the level of an educated native speaker
  • translate difficult texts into the Russian language, teach Russian and work in the field of practical science.

Survival Russian

If you have no time to take the main course this course is just what you need! You will learn to communicate in the most common situations of everyday life (getting to know people, talking on the phone, shopping, getting around, public transport, at the airport, at the railway station, at the hotel, at the hospital, in the office, weather and entertainment).

You are exposed not to single, isolated from the context words but whole units such as phrases and sentences, which you will be able to apply in real life. Minimum of grammar, maximum of spoken language!

The duration of the course is 2-3 months. Lessons take place 2-3 times a week and last 90 minutes.

Tuition fee

Group 2-4 students Group 5-8 students Индивидуальные занятия
2 per week, 16 lessons $240.00 $160.00 $480.00

Russian Without Accent

If you would like to have perfect pronunciation for successful communication!

We drill the pronunciation of sounds, syllables, words and phrases, as well as sentence stress and possible intonation patterns.

The duration of the course is 2-3 months. Lessons take place 1-2 times a week and last 90 minutes.

Tuition fee

Group 2-4 students Group 5-8 students Индивидуальные занятия
2 per week, 16 lessons $240.00 $160.00 $480.00

Individual lessons

Fully meets your request.

Tuition fee

Индивидуальные занятия
2 per week, 4 lessons $120.00
1 per week, 2 lessons $60.00

Lesson structure

Phonetics warmer

Students learn how to pronounce Russian words and sentences correctly.


New vocabulary / grammar

Students enrich their vocabulary and learn to use the new vocabulary items in sentences.

Listening / reading

Students develop receptive skills by percepting Russian speech by ear and reading correctly.


Speaking skills

Monologue and dialogue. Students learn to speak Russian in real life situations.


Students learn how to write personal and business letters.


Our Teachers

Tatyana Zaichik
Marina Mitkova
Maria Kozlova
  • All our teachers are native speakers of the Russian language;
  • Show practical mastery of the international teaching methods of foreign languages;
  • Are professionals with a higher linguistic education;
  • Are able to find an individual approach to each and every student.

Quality of education guarantee

All of the lessons are developed under guidance and supervision of the head educator certified by the International Center of Russian as a Foreign Language in the sphere of «Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language» and possessing an International CELTA Certificate.

All of the teachers have a certificate enabling teaching Russian as a foreign language, and take a qualification course once a year.

The head educator attends the lessons of the teachers twice a year to perfect the quality of the lessons provided.

Favorite answers and questions

Other questions?Contact us
Thomas Michalek
Main Course

For a non-native speaker of Russian, 'Smart Matryoshka Russian Language School' is a good way to start learning Russian and to brush up on skills already learned. I have had very innovative and caring instructors who provide individual instruction based on the learner’s needs. The student is in an environment where he/she can be corrected by native speakers without feeling ashamed. People on the street will not normally correct your mistakes, so you can keep making the same mistake, whereas Matryoshka helps the student to correct the mistake and understand the how and why of speaking correctly. I would highly recommend this program for any non-native speaker of Russian living in Minsk who wants to know Russian better.

Очень важно знать русский язык в Минске и программа «Матрёшка» помогает хорошо изучать русский язык для иностранцев.

Paul Michalek
Main Course

'Smart Matryoshka Russian Language School' is an excellent way to learn Russian no matter where you are in the world. The lesson is done over the Zoom meeting app which you will be able to download right from the meeting invitation the teacher will send you. The teachers are knowledgeable, patient and always in a good mood which makes it easy to get excited about learning. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone living in Minsk or anywhere in the world. Its the best language program I have used out of many I have tried.

Karol Enrique Espinoza de los Monteros Amaya
Main Course
I enjoyed (phonetic) сlasses in your language school very much. In particular I'd like to mention methods of teaching and presenting material as well as the qualification of the teacher.
Main Course
Many people say that Russian is a difficult language and, it's true, I’ve checked it! Although I don’t think it’s as hard as people think it is. My teacher Anastasia has made the language easier and more interesting. She pays careful attention to her students and never forgets a promise and I am very grateful to her for that. I also have to thank the School for the great help given with my resident documentation, which has not been easy. Mucha gente dice que el ruso es un idioma difícil y, ¡ Es cierto, lo he podido comprobar! Aunque creo que no es tan difícil como piensa la gente. Mi profesora Anastasia ha conseguido hacerme el idioma más fácil e interesante. Ella presta una cuidadosa atención a sus alumnos y nunca olvida una promesa y le estoy muy agradecido por ello. También tengo que agradecer a la Escuela la gran ayuda prestada con mi documentación de residente, que no ha sido fácil.

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